This is how you will design a timeless children's rooms

This is how you will design a timeless children's rooms

How do you design a room with an atmosphere of a magical forest that will fit both the baby girl and the teenage girl? How will you design a jungle room for the sweet little boy that will fit even when he is a teenager? The little tips that make a big difference

It's no secret that little kids are just crazy about animals. These strange, savage and wild creatures that occupy the children from the moment they are born. Little ones love everything that has to do with the sounds they make, their faces and colors. Therefore, when the time comes to design a nursery, the choice to design an animal and jungle style one - is without a doubt the natural choice.

Why does children's design usually have an "expiration date"?

Designing an animal-style nursery does not have to be an impossible task. But you also really do not have to turn the room into a real safari, one that you can not get out of when the child grows up and wants to change the design of the room. Many parents make the mistake of investing a lot of money in countless pictures, wall stickers, wallpapers, dolls, giant animals and more - just to design a jungle-style nursery. Then when the children grow up, they want to change the design which is very difficult. Suddenly they find the design of the room too childish, in fact the design of the room has and always had an expiration date. 

So how do you design kids room for all ages?

Invest in quality and beautiful items that make all the difference, while maintaining a minimalist design. Choose special design items, and in combination with a suitable wall color and a clean design - give the room a "wow" effect without the madness.

Here are some examples of perfect children's room designs:
1. Magical butterfly masks for the children's room - here is an example of a zoo design for girls, against a background of a light soft pink and a minimalist butterfly design. This is a winning design, suitable for newborns, a 10-year-old girl and a teenage girl will also love it, because it is clean, delicate and unadorned.
All you have to do is change the bed every few years and that's it.
The Butterfly masks are part of a special collection of colorful and decorative wooden masks. They can be purchased together or separately. The price of each mask is $145.

butterfly wall decor - Umasqu

2. An amusing Mandrill monkey mask for the nursery - jungle room design for boys, with a wall in a gorgeous and soothing greenish color, in the center of which is a mandrlll monkey mask that steals the show. Another example of clean design, based on colors suitable for all ages, on a combination of wood and green, symbolizing growth and renewal. The mask was assembled and painted by hand.
The mask comes in two sizes.
Price of a small mask: $264. Price of a large mask: $462.

Mandrill wall decor - Umasqu

3. Examples of unisex children's rooms - you do not have to over take the walls with dominant shades like pink, green or blue. 
Nor must one choose masks like butterflies or monkeys that may be identified with a particular gender. You can also choose solid, quiet and delicate colors, suitable for both sexes (such as the palette of light gray, white, light yellow and more). And of course you can choose gorgeous masks that will also suit both genders, such as peacock, giraffe, owl, turtle - and the list goes on.

Each mask is different, each one special and will make each wall and each room special, different and charming.

Here are some more examples of masks and animal-style children's room designs - that you can draw inspiration from:

Children's room wall animal wall decor ideas - Umasqu

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