Interior Décor Trends: 2021 Trends Unveiled

Interior Décor Trends: 2021 Trends Unveiled

Over the centuries, man has sought better ways to make his home homelier. Home décor-a major breakthrough in this attempt. Interior décor has evolved over the years. So, what do we expect in 2021? Here are 5 interior décor trends to take over 2021.


Black & White

You probably saw this one coming. Black and white is always a beloved graphic combo, a true classic in interior design. Black and white when used together give a decoratively contrasting finish. Want to rock this trend? We recommend starting with the B&W #1 mask inspired by an interest in ancient cultures’ faces from unmasqu. You could then follow this up with other monochromatic and powerful black and white elements.



From carefully drafted pinstripes to bold broad lines, the heterogeneity of stripes makes them suitable for any room. Striped walls tend to create the illusion of space, with vertical lines making the room look longer and horizontal ones making it look wider. However, this is not all. Stripes can enhance an interior in an instant. Ready to try out this trend? We recommend starting out with the Unmasqu Zebra mask, or the Abstrasso #7 one.

striped wall masks by umasqu wall decor




Yellow has burst into the color scene and is fast trending with home d√©cor. After having to sit at home for a long time in 2020, we all want to add a pop of color in our homes. This color of sunshine, happiness and hope ‚Äď yellow, is the way to go. We recommend starting with the yellow submarine.¬† You can never go wrong with this artistic comic art. You could then follow this up with the¬†Abstrasso Doll.

yellow submarine wall decor wall mask by umasqu

umasqu figurine home decor abstrasso doll



Geometric Home Decor

Vintage décor hub, Chairish, noted that geometric pieces will be taking over home sin 2021 in a recent trend report. The geometric home décor is such that there are numerous ways you can try it- bold or subtle, big or small. Perhaps this accounts for the growing popularity of this trend.  The geometric theme is a versatile, timeless and elegant décor style. You can rock geometric home décor in a variety of ways. We recommend trying the Square Mask.

umasqu square masks




Pastels can be characterized by calmness, tranquility and neutrality. Little wonder why soothing pastel colors are gradually taking over the home décor space. Thinking of incorporating pastel colors into your home décor? Start with the pastel Evil Eye wall mask.

evil eye pastel wall mask by umasqu



Ultimately, black and white, stripes, yellow, geometry or pastel. What really matters is that you own your space and feel at home. Feel free to explore whatever makes your home homelier.





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