Everything you need to know about the Maximalism Decor Trend

Everything you need to know about the Maximalism Decor Trend

Once, the say used to be “less is more” - the minimalism trend. But over the years, maximalism has taken over. Maximalism says “more is more.”  It was a reaction to the minimalist movement and is the opposite of minimalism. Minimalism focuses on expressing beauty in simplicity and reduces saturation to the barest minimum. However, maximalism is a loud style that encourages the blend of various patterns and employs bright colors.



Features of Maximalism

As with minimalism, there are defining features for maximalism. Want to recognize a maximalist? Take a look at Maharaja Padmanabh Singh’s palatial apartment in Jaipur for some additional ultra-maximalism inspiration and you'll see what it all about. 


indian prince bachelor pad maximalism trend



If you need additional cues for it, here are tell-tale signs of maximalism…



While minimalism attempts to bring conspicuousness to the barest minimum, maximalism goes all out to draw attention. With minimalism, you could picture simple and classy. But, for a maximalist, bold, and beautiful speaks perfection.



Want to spot a maximalist’s décor? Just look around for the colors. With maximalism, bright colors stay at the fingertips. Unlike minimalism which encourages the use of neutral tones and hues, the maximalist uses a bright blend of saturated colors to depict glamour. 


Numerous patterns and shapes

Does a maximalist ever get enough of patterns and designs? A maximalist uses bright modern patterns and geometric shapes that are visually loud and attention-grabbing. With maximalism, patterns can be used heavily to an advantage.




Rocking the Maximalism Trend

While maximalism is a loud style that promotes excess, it doesn’t encourage overstuffing rooms. Here are a few tips to note when rocking the maximalism trend…

Be generous with color

The basics for maximalism is color. You could start with simple basic colors and build on them. Use bright colors to balance out dark or neutral colors.


Never leave the walls naked

Never leave your walls naked. Create a wall with artworks that express your style and interest. This could be wall adhesives, wall masks, wall centerpieces, or paintings. You could employ artworks of various sizes as long as you space them properly.


Get creative and expressive

Remember you’re making your décor for yourself. Maximalism permits the blending of styles and intricate pattern details. So be free and explore your creativity.


Use unique statement pieces

While repetitive patterns such as floral and animal prints are great, unique statement pieces in themselves speak maximalism.


Be intentional about your design

It’s key that you focus on the overall effect of a room when deciding its décor. You could go for items with similar patterns or shapes to give a sense of cohesion. With maximalism, the key is to have your patterns work together, not against one another.


Add fun elements that make you smile

When designing your unique maximalist décor, remember to strive for personalization, not perfection. With maximalism, you could never go wrong.


unique wall mask by Umasqu



How do you feel about this decor trend? Would you embrace it?






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