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Accessible, high-quality art tailored to customers, made Umasqu part of projects and collaborationswith brands such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Waze, Pompidou Center and other brands.

Tzachi Nevo, is the artist, head designer and owner of Umasqu.
Nevo has managed, through his unique artistic language, to attract the attention of world famous designers, architects and brands.
The Umasqu team has gained extensive experience in developing items and designing special projects, customized for designers, architects, companies and brands.

The big customers know - with Umasqu their project is in good hands.

Among the clients who entrusted us with their projects and collaborated with us successfully, can be found:

Google office wall design by Umasqu


The main entrance wall of the public floor in Google Israel. Was the second project Nevo designed for Google (the first project was a wall of masks for the executive floor).
The wall for the company's offices, measuring 5 meters, was inspired by the brand's values.

Center Pompidou - The Pompidou Museum in Paris

Among these clients who have entrusted us with their projects, one can find Google, WeWork, Apple, eBay, Gallery Lafayette, Centre Pompidou, Louis Vuitton, CitizenM and many others.

Center Pompidou - The Pompidou Museum in Paris - Umasqu - Tzachi Nevo
Design for Waze - Umasqu


The world's largest navigation app, owned by Google, approached Nevo to create an interpretation of the product's famous icons.
The result was a wonderful wall, with 15 icons, size 60/60, which can be seen in the company's main offices in Israel.

Apple Music

Apple's art curators approached Nevo and asked him to design a graphic icon for them, exclusively for the use of Apple Music, as an icon for the Playlist - “Oriental Pop".

The design was part of Apple's project, in which they incorporated artwork from designers from around the world, as part of graphic icons.

Apple music icon Oriental Pop - Umasqu - Tzachi Nevo
Saint-Martin shopping mall - Umasqu

Saint-Martin shopping mall

The famous and established department store in Paris, "San Martinez", asked Nevo to design for them a special image of a gorilla, which would be sold in their design shop exclusively.


The coveted French children's clothing brand, "Petit Beto", was one of the first brands to incorporate Tzachi Nevo's works as part of the decoration in the chain's stores.

PETIT BATEAU - Umasqu - Tzachi Nevo
Saint-Martin shopping mall - Umasqu

Crate & barrel, a leading home design chain in the United States, has approached Nevo to design three images of animals for children's rooms especially for them.
The product has been sold around the chain for about two years.


In the projects of the "Switchup" company, which specializes in cooperative office workspaces in Israel, dozens of masks designed by Nevo hang on the wall.
The company's designers asked Nevo to design an astronaut measuring 3.5 meters to a space-inspired project, the work is displayed in the main entrance of a work space.

Switchup - Umasqu - Tzachi Nevo
Audemars Piguet X Marvel - Umasqu

Audemars Piguet X Marvel 

The luxury watch brand "Audemars Piguet" has released a model inspired by the figure of the Black Panther by Marvel.
The product designed was a gift to customers who purchased the luxury watch.
The design process of the mask incorporated materials that mimic gears from the original watch

Elite - Strauss Group

The coffee producer, one of the leading in the world, asked Nevo to design the company's management offices and to create a series of images, inspired by the countries of origin of the coffee beans.
The result was eight masks representing different cultures, such as: Indonesia, Ethiopia, Guatemala and more.

Elite - Strauss Group - Umasqu - Tzachi Nevo
Moon active - Umasqu - Tzachi Nevo

Moon active

Moon Active, one of the most successful gaming companies in the world, turned to Tzachi Nevo and asked him to design three-dimensional figures out of the two-dimensional figures from their games in his language and technique.
The result was 45 elements of different sizes, which adorn the company's offices walls in Israel and London.

Dan Caesarea Resort

The Dan luxury hotel chain has combined Nevo's work in the redesign of one of the chain's hotels located in Caesarea.
The works are displayed as a main design element in each of the hotel rooms.

Dan Caesarea Resort - Umasqu - Tzachi Nevo
Nea Boutique hotel - Umasqu - Tzachi Nevo

Nea Boutique hotel

The hotel is located on the pastoral beach of Israel, the inspiration for the project was images from the field of marine botany.
In each of the hotel's 72 rooms, unique works are displayed as the main decoration product.

Your next project - with Umasqu

Umasqu's special projects are led by Tzachi Nevo, with Umasqu's experienced design team and internal production experts.
All have impressive experience and knowledge, ready to be at your disposal and help you create a custom project, from start to finish.
It does not matter if it is a hotel, retail business, office, lobby, apartment or any other commercial or industrial space - the Umasqu team is at your disposal.

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Other notable customers

Umasqu's work hangs in the offices of some of the world's leading companies, including:

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