African design trend: the hot and right trend

African design trend: the hot and right trend

Tribal culture has taken over the world of interior design and the African design style is everywhere. Stunning African masks, stunning sculptures and African art of all kinds, have become a natural part of every home. Let's learn how to incorporate the hot trend in your home.

Africa came to your country and you did not even notice

The African design trend has landed all over the world years ago, but many are still unaware of the phenomenon that has conquered interior designers and architects. Some are apprehensive about adopting the gorgeous style because they mistakenly think it might “take over” the house or not fit. But if you think about it in depth and look around you, you will find that Africa is almost everywhere: leather furniture, African masks, decorative accessories, stone floor, ethnic patterns, use of straw, rattan, bamboo, dark wood, gold, natural materials, tribal dolls, animals And more. The African design is here and you may even have adopted it without noticing.
The African design is unique, fascinating and exceptionally beautiful, so it is not surprising that everyone falls in love with it.

African design - not a passing trend

ï»żOne of the things that stands out in African design is the simplicity that lies within it. The use of natural materials, in works created by hand and not by machines, in the choice of wood colors, earth, sun and more - along with animal colors such as: tiger, zebra and other beautiful animals.
All this and more, make the African style the most natural to adopt, a design that blends in naturally everywhere. A style that brings color, life, soul - if combined properly.

African design: how to bring it home in the right amount?

In life it's all a matter of boundaries, even in the field of design. Even the most delicate and soft styles will look exaggerated if we overdo them. It's all a matter of careful dosing and the right combinations.

Tips for integrating African design into your home:

Tribal mask that combines ancient and modern - Tribal masks are part of Umasqu's African mask collection. The masks were inspired by faces taken from ancient cultures and given a modern, comic, unusual and unique twist. The Umasqu masks bring the African design into the home, by using one artistic accessory, suitable for hanging in any of the home spaces: children's rooms, bedrooms, living room, work area and even the kitchen. The masks have been meticulously handcrafted, they look wonderful on a light and clean wall, dark and dramatic and even star in crowded spaces.

Modern African wall decor - Umasqu

Chili Mask #P4 Price $264. For more details click here

Chili Mask #10 - Umasqu

Chili Mask #10 Price $264. For more details click here

Mini dolls are power - if one tribal doll makes people say "wow" imagine what people will say when they meet mini tribal dolls together. A trio of original, charming tribal dolls, created with lots of handmade attention. Amusing and impressive and just waiting to add life to your home.

Mini Chili figurines Triplet - Umasqu

Mini Chili Dolls Triplet Price $114. For more details click here

How is it possible without a tiki mask? The famous tribal mask also gets a contemporary fit, while maintaining the ancient look so identified with it. This is how yellow pineapple is obtained, red lips, facial features that bring a smile - and yet it is a tiki mask, dramatic, dominant and impressive.

Tiki Mask #2 - Umasqu

Tiki Mask #2 Price $264. For more details click here

Sometimes it is also ok to exaggerate - the collection of tribal dolls proves that sometimes there is no limit and what is beautiful - just works. Here is a wonderful example of a wooden library design in a natural color, on which decorative tribal dolls are scattered, against a smooth wall in a light color. The resulting look is colorful, rich, happy - and at the same time clean, elegant and impressive. Just like an exhibition that is hard to take your eyes off.

Chili figurine #1 - Umasqu

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